TLK 25 Accessories

Carry Accessories

Motorola PMLN8538


TLK 25 Wi-Fi Badge Clip
Small, durable clip included with TLK 25 Wi-Fi. Can attach to belts, shirts, pockets and more.

Motorola PMLN8536


TLK 25 Holster
TLK 25 compatible holster with rotatable clip for sturdy yet flexible belt wear.

Batteries, Chargers And Cables

Motorola PMKN4294


TLK 25 Holster USB-C Charging Cable
USB-C to USB-A charging cable, included with TLK 25 Wi-Fi.

Audio Accessories

WAVE two-way radio audio accessories are designed for lasting comfort and improved device performance.

Motorola PMLN8537


TLK 25 Earpiece
With PTT, mute and voice assistant functions, the included earpiece improves audio and operational experiences.

Motorola Channel Partner, Portage, MI
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